Top 3 applications to travel on Christmas


Trip Splitter Lite

Suppose I traveled with a group of friends. What aspect can cause more than a headache and even occasional fight? For the money, that it intended to call ‘pot’ or ‘pool’ the most responsible member must keep as its most valuable asset and that more than once the question has been how each arises and how It was allocated to non-group and individual purposes.

So I recommend you these potential misunderstandings anticipéis making use of technology and more specifically Trip Splitter Lite, an application that goes beyond the simple task of taking a count of how much money has each.

Take pictures of your receipts, the conversion to our original currency to see how many are paying and to activate the geolocation to the app store the places where it is made a payment are some of the most important features Trip Splitter Lite.

Although its design is somewhat rudimentary, to create, in a few simple steps, a group of expenses with friends, indicating the name (last name and email too, if desired) and attaching a picture of contacto.Los costs are identified by icons ( gasoline, food, transportation, entertainment, …) and you just have to click on one of them, indicate the amount disbursed, add some kind of comment, in case you want to bring greater accuracy, attach a photo of the receipt.

Around Me

You arrive at your destination. The expense list begins to grow. The hotel apartment is already booked, like the car. You’ve targeted the sites, the monuments that can not miss, tourist routes … But, you know where the nearest ATM is at your accommodation ?, where the first purchase of way to the apartment ?, have you as bad and need a pharmacy on duty? These are data that in our place of origin handle almost instinctively, but we can overlook when starting on a journey, especially if abroad. But relax, Around Me comes to your aid.

This simple application shows where we are and, on the said reference location, reports of basic services as they could be (underground or surface), gas stations, pharmacies, banks and ATMs, supermarkets … All car parks are marked on the map by ‘pins ‘Red, can find out the exact distance (on foot or by vehicle) to which it is asking each and the fastest route to get there. Furthermore, it is possible to mark the establishment in question -sitios entertainment such as bars and restaurants, cafes and cinemas also appear contemplados- as favorite for us is not overlooked.


And if you seek an application ‘two in one’ with which to plan vacations and design a ‘travel map’ with the photographs that you like on your return, definitely you should try Minube , of which I spoke for some time. Comparators are many travel and apps with which to design photo albums to relive that dream trip. But thanks to Minube you can access both utilities through the same service.

With its search engine for offers and ‘inspiring’ travel insurance that you find a destination that suits your traveler curiosity. And once you are enjoying the break, you just have to select the location of photos in the iPhone settings for Minube store where it was taken after each rebuild and allow the steps of your journey. Later you can enter your own online community and share your experiences with other users if you wish so.


Cheer on the last Monday in November and start planning your Christmas holiday through Kayak. If you want a different, more intimate, inexpensive and have a place where several people accommodation, it is best to use Airbnb. Trip cost controls group located Splitter Lite and bars, pharmacies, gas stations and other places of interest to only indicate your location through Around Me. And do not forget the camera deusar the location of photos on, so you can develop a comprehensive scrapbook of your return by Minube.




Entradas Port Aventura








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