The best Christmas markets in Catalonia


When you are llegana Dates villages and cities is empiezan prepare to welcome in dar las fiestas navideñas. The main streets will engalanan y las luces shaped trees, bells and angels will encienden few weeks recordándonos during every moment in the time of year that we are there and that they empezar a hacer las correspondientes shopping. It also thousands of legions of pequeños Santa Claus invaded the balconies, in a decision of doubtful good taste.

Independientemente if one of le gustan more or less Dates you are, there are a number of traditions that have their charm. In Cataluña how many there are very few propias. Or is that habe evidently in some other places in the world that pamper and den to eat during a trunk After weeks to give you golpes con palos cague dulces y regalos for that? ¿Y Decio me that the “caganer”? We will not deny that the pruning Catalan tenemos few Costumbres navideñas very peculiar …

Feria de Santa Lucia Barcelona

Despite that there are different fairs in the town of Navidad, which itself installs ante Cathedral is the most emblematic. De hecho is considered the oldest feria de Navidad de Cataluña, ya in 1786 Baron de Malda ago in reference Writings about. Currently configure the 270 stops that organize into four sectors: pesebres and figures, trees and vegetation, crafts and zambombas. El otro large mercado de la Ciudad Condal is the Feria de Navidad Sagrada Familia, in a less formal notice puestos but also emblematic.

Dates 2015: From 27 November to 23 December

Feria de Navidad Caldes de Montbui

The in Caldes de Montbui was earlier in the feria. Quizás has not hype tanto como los mercados CONTINUED mentioned above, but podemos decir bone that is routed to the height. With 29 years of TRAYECTORIA and 160 stops that invade the alleys of the old town, a number buen acontecimientos acompañan the Fair. The most awaited moment is the tasting of popular traditional Christmas soup, thermal hecho con agua y fuego stew pot on Lena’s largest Cataluña. ¡Salen more than 5,000 rations! I date a very posiblemente that may enter in the Guinness Book of Records.

Dates 2015: 28 y 29 de noviembre

Fair Manger Olot

During the month of December Olot is transformed into the capital of the manger. During the first weekend itself takes away the Feria del cabo Manger Puedo where they buy the traditional figures, but also Turrones, from Christmas trees, crafts and objects of productos para decorate the house. Parallel y hasta el día de Reyes Distinct Spaces in the city held the Exhibition of Pesebres. The modernist architecture highlights among atractivos Olot, but the visit to the Fair can also be the perfect excuse to visit the Parque Natural parajes Volcanic Zone Garrocha.

Dates 2015: 5, 6 and 7 December

Mercado Medieval Vic

Not a feria de Navidad, but not prevent hemos podido get included in this selection. The Medieval Market of Vic, along with the Montblanc, the most spectacular of Catalonia. During these days the city is a adorns para hacer el tiempo y trasladarse trip in the media age. Puestos of craftsmanship, power supply, tascas, Soaps, perfumes and plants llenan the plazas and the streets of Vic. Also the perfect excuse to stroll along this city full of history that stand out in the plaza Mercadal, the Roman Temple, the Cathedral with paintings by Josep Maria Sert and the countless churches that dot the city-called de los santos. Given its proximity and coincidence of Dates, se puede Aprovecha also to visit the Fair in Espinelves Fir.

Dates 2015: 5, 6, 7 and 8 December

Feria del Abeto of Espinelves

It is the most important of fir feria de Cataluña. The origin dates back to the year 1981, since then every year the local campesinos VENDEN directly to the visitors of the Christmas trees cultivated in the Guilleries. Almost 80,000 visitors Pasarón por la feria this small village of 200 inhabitants. The Romanesque church of St. Vincent and the grove of trees of monumental concentración Masjid -the biggest of Cataluña- Others are atractivos invite you to visit the place. Also in Osona celebrate the great otra feria del árbol de Navidad, fir Fair of San Vicente de Torello.

Dates 2015: From 5 to 13 December




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