The controllers resume the strike with two 12-hour stoppages

 The National Assembly of the Trade Union of Air Traffic Controllers (USCA) has approved the appointment of two new days of strike, they say, “to the unwillingness of Ático to open a negotiation on the withdrawal of the 61 sanctions” that airport operator won the air Traffic Control Centre of Barcelona by the closure of airspace in 2010 and the reinstatement of a dismissed in Santiago CAGR for the same acts, driver whose responsibility the group has been exonerated by 20 Spanish courts.

The strikes will be conducted on 26 September and 3 October between 06:00 and 18:00; as reported USCA organization emphasizes that “with the support of the collective” union action resumes after stopping the protests during the August “not affect passengers on its summer break, despite the unwillingness of Ático to negotiate. “

The union called four days of partial strikes in June (on 8, 10, 12 and 14) and as many in July (11, 12, 25 and 26). “Since the announcement of the protests, Ático has demonstrated its unwillingness to reach a negotiated settlement, their lack of responsibility to resolve the conflict and its disregard for the damage that can cause stoppages in air transport users.”

The union spokesmen claim that, in this situation, USCA is obliged to resume and intensify trade union action for the removal of sanctions open 61 ACC Barcelona. The union believes “incomprehensible imposing these records after the trial of Gava, who instructed the criminal proceedings, determine the lack of accountability of the sanctioned” and 20 juzgadosde Spain “have ended in emphatic that there was no disobedience or abandonment by controllers in court events.”

They consider unacceptable position Ático about “finding an agreed solution for the readmission of Marco Antonio Enriquez driver, as the trial court for Santiago de Compostela, in charge of the criminal case,” he affirmed that they were false arguments the company based its decision to dismiss him.”

Moreover, USCA said it expects Ático and the Ministry of Development “did not violate the fundamental right to strike by drivers with the imposition of abusive minimum services, as happened in previous calls that they were fixed in 70 stoppages% for June and rose to 80% for July, which, in his view, “is a discrimination against other workers in essential services in Spain and certainly compared to the group of drivers from other countries in the European Union”.

These minimum services decreed by Fomento have been challenged by USCA them as “abusive” and have been distributed so that “only the right to strike of the drivers that did not develop directly operating activities was respected”.




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