L’Hospitalet remains the track of ice of Barcelona


The grounds of La Forge hosts the Christmas installation, which grows in meters and is complemented by a playground | Nuria Marin celebrates the transfer of the facility because it can boost the city center.

Ada Colau government said no to the ice rink in Plaza Catalunya to take the city government. And although in July the Consistory agreed with the traders, those who were paid to look for another potential site in September became negative rotunda. “We had to look for alternatives and in l’Hospitalet we have opened the doors,” explains Antonio Peral, director of AP Productions, the company behind the project. BarGelona (not renamed) moves to the fairgrounds of La Forge. It will run from 27 November until 10 January and will win more than one hundred square meters of runway, surpassing the 1,600 (in Plaza Catalunya was already the largest in Europe). In addition, in the second city of Catalunya it will be complemented by a children’s play area and free bar service.

“It fits perfectly. Is an important family leisure offer in the Christmas period and allows us to streamline a central area of ​​the city, “said the mayor of l’Hospitalet, Núria Marín, who stated that the installation of the track will also direct revenue for municipal coffers as the company behind the project rent them space, which is municipal property (frequently hosts concerts, fairs and in recent months also political acts). “For us it is an opportunity to win in metropolitan centrality,” says Marin, who said that everything “positive” that does not want Barcelona will be well received in l’Hospitalet, as has also happened to the moratorium on licenses tourist accommodation. “In total deal more than 4,000 square meters,” said Peral, remember that maintaining the equipment also means that 200 jobs were at risk.

The new BarGelona be right next to a shopping center, the first to be opened in l’Hospitalet and today also called La Forge (the old Max Center). It has parking and is just a few hundred meters from the Metro (Rambla Just Oliveras) Rodalies station and walk a little more, of the railway stop of the Government of the Carrilet Avenue in the heart of l ‘ Hospitalet, one of the main shopping areas. With the move, AP Productions save around 250,000 euros by not having to mount the tent: it is already under cover. Although there has likewise begun the search for sponsors because, at least in Barcelona, ​​ticket sales did not cover the expense. This year, he is waiting to know what would happen with the track finally made quedasen without having. “There will be track and next year as well. We believe it is a project that can last, “he adds Peral.

40% of the 95,000 skaters who were in Barcelona and came from out of town. “The price will be 10 euros and 7 euros when the half hour, but we are in contact with organizations, schools and merchants to offer discounts,” he continues. An idea shared with the Consistory: that is a city project. The company has also initiated discussions with various sports federations, with which already had relationship with the aim of offering additional activities and exhibitions.





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