The hotel of the Agbar Tower and other six projects will go ahead


The City Council of Barcelona has received seven applications for licences of tourist accommodation put forward by promoters who already had a planning certificate prior to the temporary suspension decreed by the municipal government in July, including the hotel under the Torre Agbar.

The consistory has detailed Monday in a press release received on 11 January the hotel promoter license application in the Agbar Tower,  Emin Capital, which began its proceedings, in a process that requires the elaboration of various technical reports to assess their viability, as one of fire, other activities and urban projects, among others.

As he said tourism in La Torre Agbar news HOSTELTUR escapes Hotel moratorium of Barcelona, the promoter of the project, Emin Capital, already announced in August that it would not be affected by the moratorium. It is expected that the future hotel will be managed by Hyatt once the works are carried out to adapt the building to hotel uses and that they will result in an additional 35 million euros investment.

The City Council has highlighted now that none of these seven projects – including five hotels, a student residence and a hostal-pension-have been affected by the suspension interim license, although the consistory has within three months from the request to determine whether they comply with the legislation.

In addition to the hotel in the Agbar Tower, the other six projects that have applied for license and which had the prior existing urban certificate are located in the paseo de Gracia, the rambla Catalunya – with two establishments – and Casp, Diputació and Seneca streets, have completed the town hall to Europa Press sources.

The planning certificate describes the urban uses permitted in the plot, has a duration of six months and obliges entering process within this time the request of licenses, which are denied if the project does not fit to the rule of law and does not meet the necessary requirements.

The City Council pointed out that the suspension of licenses has allowed to obtain a fixed x-ray of the tourist accommodation in the city to evaluate the existing offer of face to the elaboration of the special urban Plan for tourist accommodation (Peuat), that it has been discussed at two meetings with all the actors involved.

The Peuat will determine whether approve or not the 39 projects of tourist accommodations that were braked by the suspension, which has not stalemated 36 that were already underway before this; six others who had the certificate and which had requested the license prior to the suspension, and nine more that they exhausted their time of processing in the previous mandate unless the City Council give response.





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