Lucifer opens the doors of the cursed ‘Cabaret’ in Port Vell


  • The new show by the company circus of horrors mixes circus numbers with humor and sexual confessions

  • “You have to upgrade the circus, attract young people giving them different things,” explains the director, Suso Silva

Welcome to the home of Lucifer, a realm of lust only suitable for adults that parade vicious transvestites, dwarves clowns and depraved madames, among others. We are in ‘Damn Cabaret’, the third show of the company Circo de los Horrores, which landed in the Port Vell of Barcelona, where it will be until March 13.

The master of ceremonies is Lucifer, alter ego of Suso Silva, creator of the company. “Viewers try to attract to my dark side. I offer sex, lust, fame, power to change that sold me his soul. Hell is not a bad place to live: there are no standards or politicians. Only sins. We must live intensely because time is money”, release Silva, gallego’s 54 years who began his career as a MIME and who has always advocated the revitalisation of the circus (in 2003 won the national award of circus). “Since the 1980s I already knew that the circus had to update it. It must attract young people, give them different things, mood and scenery. Something different from the traditional. Transport you to another world”, adds.

After the two previous show (‘Circus of horrors’ and ‘Madhouse’), ‘Damn Cabaret’ (a gigantic spectacle in which about 30 artists work in the tent and 15 others out of it) is a “shot of adrenaline”, in the words of the director. “The public has to come with an open mind. Because we are barbarians and going to burst to laughter. My mission consists of uninhibited people. To do this, take a black confessional where we talk about everything, including sexual trends. The reaction of the people is amazing. We have a legion of faithful viewers. Which are new take longer to get into the show, but a few minutes understand what we are and enjoy it”, says Silva, whose three shows right now are half the World Touring, from the U.S. to Latin America and Europe. “The trick is to make laughter therapy. We laugh of all. I get much cane viewers. And also myself”, added Silva, he wears one hour make-up as Lucifer.

With a very elegant aesthetic, ‘Damn Cabaret’ has its strength in the word. But also in the purely physical, in a very powerful circus numbers ranging from a tango with skates to unimaginable contortions. “Eye, we are not Cirque du Soleil”, warns.


In his time at Madrid, the show has filled every day the 800 seats in the tent. “Our secret are the affordable prices. And, for this reason, everyone comes to see us. The economic crisis so brutal that he had Spain have not noticed it much, but, precisely because we have adapted ourselves into the pockets of our viewers. And that, for each entry, 21% is for finance”, stresses Manager, who asks the Minister Cristóbal Montoro to go to see the show. “I meteré him in the confessional and ask him by their peccadilloes”, laughs Silva, who added that would not to see the tent would be any member of the Episcopal Conference. “What horror. Those that are scary”. Despite having Lucifer as master of ceremonies, ‘Damn Cabaret’ is not an irreverent show. “We do not a single allusion to the Church”, it warns.

Silva is already thinking about the next show, which does not give nor middle track by fear to the piracy. She confesses as addicted to his job, although he (who lives in a caravan, together his family) not called it work, but “a way of life”.




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