How to change a plane ticket

Changing a plane ticket or canceling it is not always a simple thing, as each airline has its own rules. So that no one gets lost when it comes to comparing flights, hotels and car rentals Skyscanner has created a list of the “rules of the game” of the main airlines.

And it never hurts to know on what occasions you can change the air ticket without additional cost and in what other is convenient to pay a little more at the time of booking (buying a ticket in flexible rate, for example) if you think that It’s going to have to be modified. In addition, we must consider that, if the price of the new ticket is different, it is common that you have to pay an extra. There are cases (especially when traveling with low cost airlines) where it may be cheaper to buy a new airline ticket than to change it. It may even happen that, between the supplements, the cost of the call and the payment by credit card, the final price of the change easily exceeds that of making a reservation from scratch.

Here we leave the conditions of the airlines in alphabetical order:

Aegean Airlines

You must enter the “Organization” section of the website and enter the required information. Flex fare tickets allow unlimited changes without charge and cost around € 40-60 more, depending on the destination. The GoLight fare tickets also allow changes, but you must pay between € 30 and € 50 depending on the arrival airport. The change of the passenger’s name is € 20.

Aer Lingus

Enter “Travel Management” to make changes. Depending on the rate you have purchased, you can modify your ticket for more or less money. If your ticket is “Saver” or “Plus” you can change date and time for an amount between € 40 and € 100 according to the route and according to the method of change (online or by phone). Name changes at any rate cost € 100.

Air Canada

Click on “My reservations” and enter the data to make the changes. The prices of the change of ticket vary according to the type of fare purchased and according to the duration of the flight. A change of ticket costs from AUD 50 to AUD 200 (in addition to the difference with the price of the ticket you want to buy).

Air China

Go to the website and select “Booking Management” and then “View my reservation”. Enter the information of your ticket and from there you can make the appropriate changes. Keep in mind that the price of the ticket modification is based on the type of ticket purchased and that you must also take into account the price of the new ticket.


Go to “Online service” and click on “Change / return airline tickets”. The price of changing the ticket depends on the rate at which you bought your ticket. If you purchased in “Promo”, “Saver” or “Clasic”, you must pay between $ 50 and $ 100 for each change you make, depending on the destinations of your trip.

Air Berlin

You can change the details of the flight online up to 2 hours before departure or by phone at 902333335. You can not change the name of the flight, only to correct typographical errors, through the Service Center. The date / time change costs between € 75 and € 130 depending on the distance of the flight, but if you have booked in the Economy Light category, you will not be able to do so.

air France

Go to “Reservations”, enter your ticket information and you can modify the reservation. You can also do it by phone. The cost of cancellation or modification is applied based on the ticket price and may be free in certain cases. If you have purchased a flexible ticket, you can easily change the date, time, flight route and flight seat. Change of name is not possible.


To change the ticket you need to call Alitalia customer service (902100323) or use the “Manage my reservation” page. The conditions for the change depend on the type of flight (national or international) and it is not always possible. There is usually a supplement (usually € 50 is paid) when the ticket is not “flex”.

American Airlines

You must enter the “My Trips” section and find your reservation and then proceed to modify the ticket details. Rates for changes depend on the ticket that was purchased. Thus, there are bills that can not be modified and others that can be modified by paying a supplement. You can find the charges on this link, but we recommend calling the Reservations Center (902054654) for more specific information.

Austrian Airlines

You can change the ticket up to 24 hours before departure or 3 hours in the case of a fully flexible fare ticket. The common price of the exchange rate (“rebooking fee”) is € 70 and you have to add a service fee that depends on whether you have booked online or through the Booking Center (€ 5 to € 27). Consider that you must also pay the price difference with the new ticket.

British Airways

To modify the ticket you have to enter “Manage my reservation” on the company’s website or call the airline by phone. The prices for the change of ticket depend on the route and the chosen fare. They tend to oscillate € 80 and should consider the new price of the ticket.

Brussels Airlines

The costs for changing the airline ticket depend on the rate at which it was purchased. For Bizz & Class and Flex & Fast rates it can be modified without charges as long as the original rate is available. Otherwise, the passenger has to pay the difference between the fare paid and the next higher fare. Tickets with a Light & Relax rate can be modified up to 24 hours before for € 50 plus the difference in ticket price. If you want to change the same day of departure for a flight that leaves before is free. The tickets under Check & Go are not modifiable. For Economy or Business tickets, you should contact the Service Center to see the conditions.

Delta Airlines

The cost of changing the ticket depends on the fare and the trip that must be made. Flights within the 50 United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands can be exchanged for $ 200. For flights outside these destinations the cost ranges between 200 and 500 dollars. To modify them you will have to enter the section “My trips” and see the exact cost of the ticket. Also, if you bought a ticket with a flexible rate, you can change it without cost. You can also change flights on the same day for $ 50.


You can modify your reservation in the “Manage your reservation” section of the Emirates website or through the contact telephone number (015547380444). The changes usually cost € 100 for those cases in which a Flex-type tariff has not been purchased.


You can make changes in the section of the easyJet website of “Manage reservations” in the section “Modify my flight”. The price of the change of ticket depends on when this is done. Thus, a change of name 60 days before the departure of the flight costs € 21, but with a lower advance it costs € 65. On the other hand, a change in date or time 60 days before costs € 21, but if it is with a shorter notice and in low season (from September 2 to June 14) costs € 43 and in high season (from June 15 to September 1) € 65. To this we must add the difference in price with the new ticket. Modifications can be made through the Customer Service Center (902599900), but you must pay € 13 plus the cost of the call.

Ethiopian Airlines

Enter the section “Manage your flights” or call the contact number (912788672) to modify the reservations. The cost of the modification ranges between € 50 and € 100 depending on the rate you purchased.


Go to the home page and enter “Manage reservation” to make the necessary changes. Tickets with a Light or Basic rate do not allow changes of any kind. Value tickets can be exchanged for € 50. Those of the Pro and Business rates allow free changes. The name change in the Value, Pro and Business tariffs costs € 50. In addition, a reissue fee of € 30 or management fee for a € 24 change of name must be paid. Keep in mind that you must also pay the difference in price with the new ticket.


Changes in the dates or hours of the tickets are only allowed if the rate is suitable for it. Name changes are not allowed. To modify a reservation, if possible, you can do so through the “Manage your reservation” section of the Iberia website or by phone (901111500). The costs of the changes start at € 65 in the basic rate or are free if you bought a flexible rate.

Iberia Express

Ticket changes are allowed for all rates, but for Express, Classic and Business you will have to pay a penalty. For the Express are € 65, for the Classic € 45 and for the Business € 60. Also, you have to pay the difference in price with the other flight. Go to “Manage your reservation” or call Customer Service (901200424) to change the airline ticket.


The name, date, time and destination can be changed online up to 30 minutes before the scheduled flight departure. Enter the section “My trips” to make them. It can also be done by phone or at the airport, but there is a service change of € 18 per person per trip. On the other hand, the costs of the change are the following for tickets purchased at LowFare, LowFare + and Premium rates: € 45 for the change of owner, € 45 and the price difference for all flights, € 90 and the price difference for long-haul international flights.

Qatar Airways

Flights can be changed up to 3 hours before the departure of the flight. Depending on the flight you have purchased, you can do so without any charge or pay a fine that depends on the type of flight. You can make the changes in “My reservations” on the web or by calling the reservations phone of Spain (914183870).

Royal Air Maroc

Changes can be made online through the “Consult and modify my reservation” page. Depending on your rate, you will have to pay or not a penalty and the difference in price with the new ticket. On tickets to and from Europe and Africa you can make changes before and after departure with fines of € 50 to € 100 depending on the itinerary. In case of no-show, you have to pay € 100. For flights to and from Canada, CAD 143 must be paid before and after departure. If you do not show up, you have to pay CAD 287 for changes. In addition, Royal Air Maroc allows full refund of the purchase price of the ticket if you cancel your reservation 24 hours after making a reservation for a flight whose departure is scheduled for at least seven days after.


You will have to enter the section “My trip” to see what changes you can make on your trip. You can also do it through social networks or by phone, but you will be charged a management fee if your ticket is not flexible. You can only change the name if it was misspelled. If you are likely to have to change your flight, we recommend you to acquire a flexible rate because fines for changes are high. Flights that were not purchased through the web or from a Lufthansa office can not be changed online, you will have to go to the travel agency where you purchased it.

Pegasus Airlines

You can change the airline tickets that you bought with this airline on the website, in the section “Bill management”. Only for tickets purchased with “Extra” rates are the changes free. Depending on the type of flight purchased, the exchange rates range from € 20 to € 45 and must be made two hours before the departure of the flight. The cost of the new ticket price will have to be increased. Pegasus Airlines gives the option to buy the so-called Pegasus Flex, a service that allows you to change your tickets as many times as you want for 12,99 Turkish liras on domestic flights or 9,99 € on international flights.


The procedure to change the ticket can be made on the “Manage my reservation” page (but only 4 hours before departure and before online billing), email or chat. Changing your flight with Ryanair can result in certain periods and conditions quite uncomfortable, since these are the rates: € 30 in low season (€ 45 if done at the airport), € 40 in high season (€ 60 at the airport) , € 50 for selected flights in low season (€ 75 at the airport), € 60 in low season selected flights (€ 90 at the airport) and € 110 for changing the names of passengers (€ 160 at the airport) . It is better, therefore, as the case may be, to evaluate the purchase of a new ticket.

SAS – Scandinavian Airlines

Enter the “Manage reservations” section of your website or call the customer service center (902405033). The price of changing the ticket for the SAS Go rate is usually € 65. In the case of SAS Plus, the changes are free.


You can change the flights in the “Reservation changes” function on the Swiss website up to three hours before the departure of the aircraft or at the customer service phone (901116712). In the tickets purchased with the Light rate can not be modified, in those purchased in other rates you can do it as many times as you want.

TAP Portugal

It is possible to cancel the reservation without penalty within 24 hours from the date of reservation and, in any case, at least 7 days before the departure date. For changes you can contact the Call Center at 901116718. Tickets purchased with the Discount and Basic rates do not accept changes, those of the Classic rate can be exchanged with a surcharge (from € 75 depending on the flight) and of the Plus are changed for free.

Thai Airways

You can change the flight tickets purchased in the different Thai Airways offers. For international flights with Thai Saver Plus and Advantage fares, you must pay € 100 plus the price difference of the new flight. For domestic flights, you should consult directly with the company. Enter the section “Manage my reservation” to make the appropriate changes.

Turkish Airlines

The fares for ticket changes are very popular and are summarized as follows: Economy class tickets for short or medium distance international flights € 20; in Economy class for international long distance flights € 40; In Economy class tickets for domestic flights a penalty of 30% will be applied if the change is made from 1 to 12 hours before the departure of the flight; For Economy Class tickets on domestic flights, 10% will be applied if there are 12 or more hours left for takeoff. You can change flights up to 1 hour before the departure of the flight. Enter the “My bookings” section of the website and then “Rebooking” to make the changes or call the Call Center (913754189).


Changes can be made up to 7 days before the departure of the flight, but if your ticket is FLEX fare you can do it up to 4 hours before. The change of date, time or journey costs € 50. The name change is worth € 40. If you buy the Flex plan, between € 5 and € 25, you can change your flight whenever you want without paying anything. You can make the changes in the section of the web “Your reservation” and “Change flights” or by phone at 902757171.


Change the airline plane ticket with Vueling is possible until 1 hour before the flight with an additional cost of € 50 through the web and by phone or at the airport. The change of name can only take place by phone or at the airport and costs € 50. In case you want to do everything by phone, you can call 902808005. If you have chosen the Excellence rate, you can change the date and time of the reservation without limits through the website or by phone.




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