Barcelona reforms La Rambla, one of the busiest areas for tourists

The aim of the Barcelona City Council is that the works can start in 2020 with the intention of finishing them in 2028

The project contemplates the declaration of the emblematic walk as a space of ‘cultural exceptionalism’

The main objective is that Las Ramblas is once again a space for Barcelona’s residents

Barcelona City Council is going to carry out a remodeling of La Rambla, one of the busiest spaces for tourists visiting the city. The project will involve an investment of 37 million euros, 1.4 million will be developed to develop strategies to boost the cultural role of the walk and 35.6 million to modify the different spaces and this route will open to the sea. Among the planned actions highlights the declaration of the emblematic promenade as a space of ‘cultural exceptionalism’ that will make decisions regarding the granting of licenses and uses of place of public attendance and authorizations for the temporary occupation of public roads.

The councilor for Urbanism, Janet Sanz, who presented the project yesterday at the Gran Teatro del Liceu, said that the strategic actions will be applied from 2019 and that soon begin to draft the redevelopment executive project to start work by phases in 2020 with the intention of finishing them in 2028.

The main objective of this initiative is that the walk will once again be a space for the people of Barcelona. For this reason, priority will be given to community actions and those of neighbors in the walk and measures will be developed to account for tourists, order the activity of the guides and reduce the presence of the so-called street food.

With the reform, in La Rambla there will be a single lane of circulation of 3.50 meters per side of the walk, one of rise and another descent, the sidewalks and the central space will be extended and the press and flower kiosks will be relocated between the trees.

The plan also plans to convert at least four kiosks of the promenade into points of cultural information and sales connected with cultural institutions such as the MACBA, CCCB, the Filmoteca or the Liceu.

On behalf of Km-Zero, the winning team of the contest organized by the City Council for the remodeling of the walk, the architect and exconcejala of Ciutat Vella, Itziar González, defined the project designed as “Slow Ramblas” and indicated that the will is that the Ramblas constitute “a quiet place where you want to be”, and that in your opinion will be “the envy of all European cities.”

We want to enhance the cultural character of this walk and we will work to better manage the tourist influx and that the residents will once again make La Rambla their own as a space for leisure and strolling.





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