New show of new year’s Eve in Barcelona


The four columns of Puig i Cadafalch, combined with water, light, fire and music relieved the man of the Milenio.
Colau and Turisme de Barcelona maintained the budget of half a million euros, to appeal to locals and tourists

Colau era brings changes even in the popular celebration of the new year’s Eve in Barcelona. Although on this occasion do not respond to budget cuts but to esthetic renovation. Ruled out some months ago repeat formula with the iconic Millennium man of La Fura dels Baus, the supuestra fresh blood comes in form of light, music, fire and water, and with the signing of Comediants. With an investment of 517.000 euros, City Council and Turisme de Barcelona propose a welcome to 2016 with an air nostrats, Mediterranean and emotive. And with local self-promotion: the Barcelona Word to fire and an original song for the occasion, Barcelona with heart.

The spirit is the same as in the previous two editions, when the City Council agreed to assemble a space of celebration as an alternative to the spontaneous celebration that housed the Plaça de Catalunya. Maria Cristina Avenue, usual scenario of the musical fireworks of la Mercè, was elected and will again rely on this environment, only that giving more prominence to the four columns of Puig i Cadafalch, which will be illuminated to the sound of the quarters prior to the bells.

The claim to be as local as foreign. For all those wanting a new year’s Eve away from home and free. And of course massive, because he is expected to reconvene to between 60,000 and 70,000 people. For this reason, those who want to sit close to the scene and take home dinner, be installed from 21.00 hours, with the entertainment of music of the past 50 years, the Font Màgica shows and tracks to follow the show, until 23.30. The show, 40 minutes and four block will begin at that time. According to the occupation, business, trade and tourism Councillor, Agustí Colom, is a bet “innovative, creative spirit and surprise effect”. The idea is that next year is renewed, with a possible contest of ideas.


Lo suscriben Jaume Bernadet, como director artístico (de Comediants) y Santi Arisa en la dirección musical, con participación de artistas como Pegasus, los Perkutes de Canet y el pianista y compositor Manel Camp, que ha compuesto el tema original para los últimos minutos previos a las 12 campanadas que transmite “los valores de una ciudad integradora y acogedora que deslumbra gracias a la energía de cada uno de sus ciudadanos”. La peculiaridad es que la letra se basa en fragmentos del Quijote, cuando el personaje llega a Barcelona, lo que implicará que sea en castellano.

The first part of the Assembly will be the busiest, with 20 percussionists and citizen participation to set the pace; then the fire will symbolize renewal, with demons, dance and many Visual effects. When at last play a track of Barcelona, interpreted by the soprano Begoña Alberdi, will symbolize its thousand faces with the greeting of 16 persons of different nationalities video message from other points of the metropolis, whether tourist or Barrio (la Rambla, the Aliança del Poblenou, the Hospital del Mar, the Agbar Tower, the Raval, mill, the Arc de Triomf…). The participants belong to groups as varied as the Union of Chinese associations of Catalonia, of immigrant Filipinos, the Romanian of Catalonia, the friends of India or the neighborhood of Sant Gervasi de Cassoles Association.


The last two minutes of the year, count back, include a virtual clock in whose centre stands as host the also virtual Lord of la Pedrera (symbol of the chimneys of La Pedrera). Lighting in 3D, chimes with fire, light and pyrotechnics final Crown the evening. Then, as usual, anyone who wants to follow the party will have to seek new plans.

The councilman of tourism stressed that the call points to tourists, to express “our cosmopolitan spirit and show us to the world”. But do not forget that the citizenship is the real protagonist, since there are many families who have chosen this option in the open air in the last two years. “You want to be a participatory celebration,” she says. Those who do not attend can follow it live broadcast on TV3 and BTV.

Source: El periodico




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