September is, for many, the ideal place to take a vacation month. After enduring the hot July and August, the wait is rewarded: less tourists, lower prices, good weather and open to the public infrastructure. The offer of hotels and vacation rentals usually cost between 5% and 20% lower, thanks to the increased availability of accommodation. And flying can get out up to 35% cheaper.

Obviously, the level of savings depends greatly on the destination and carefully planned travel date. The online platform offers these 5 credits Zaio very practical advice for those wanting to travel even cheaper.

1. Plan your city break, far from the big cities.

The month of September is a good time to visit the great capitals such as London, Paris or Rome and even New York, even with somewhat lower prices. However, being identified destinations not only for the sun and beach tourism, seasonality is less noticeable in the prices.

2. Fly in the second week of September.

The week between 7 and 13 September is the best in the month to fly with cheaper prices, according Skyscanner. A family of four who want to travel to Tenerife at that time saved can reach about 230 euros on average; if the destination is New York savings can reach 1,190 euros.

3. Avoid most popular beach destinations .

The islands, Benidorm, the Costa del Sol … Although tempting choices, many of these destinations are still hanging the “full” in September. The pull of these destinations for the months of September and October keeps rising. During the same period of 2014, Mallorca recorded a 24% increase in bookings over the previous year.

4. Discover havens around the corner .

One of the keys to finding cheap flights and accommodation is betting on alternative destinations, those who do not choose the majority of tourists. For example, September is a great time to visit Morocco, both coastal areas, with pleasant temperatures, such as indoors, avoiding the sweltering summer heat. Cape Verde, with its beautiful beaches and volcanic landscapes, is an economic and especially quiet in September destination. Alternatively, without the need to go away, it is to make a rural getaway. However, this option should be taken into account that for some rural accommodations all summer is high season.

5. Do the Camino de Santiago.

September is one of the best months to do the Camino. The climate is milder in those areas where the summer sun is beating down. In addition, the number of pilgrims down, which makes it quieter and easier to find accommodation. And, of course, also it influences prices.




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